Ice Lantern Round- The Lantern Made Of ICE

dskinWhat is the Ice Lantern?
This is a mold to make a unique ice lantern MADE OF ICE. The ice shape will last about 6 hours at 70ºF/20ºC. The melting ice is collected in the stylish bowl with the stainless steel finish which is included and will fit in any freezer with drawers.

Great for parties, weddings, bars and restaurants.

Decorate the ice cooler for special occasions!

There are endless possibilities to decorate the ice cooler by freezing it with ornaments, fruits, food colour dye, seafood etc. or just by putting a candle inside. The ice cooler is a unique and new design product, which will look very smart at your table setting. It also makes a great gift! The mold comes with stylish bowl with a stainless steel finish and a leaflet filled with instructions (in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch), with handful tips and beautiful pictures with many ideas and suggestions. The mold is reusable so you can make as many coolers as you like!

The ice lantern comes with various designes, there is a round version and a star version. The satr version comes in two sizes.


How does it work?
• Fill the mould with water to ½ inch / 1 cm. of the edge.
• Freeze 24 hours, dependig on your freezer setting.
• Allow frozen mold to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature
• Turn the mold over and pour warm (not boiling) tap water in the centre cavity.
• Discard the water after 5 minutes and remove the mold. Repeat as needed.
• After removing the mold, put the Nice ice cooler on the bowl included (on a dish stand) to collect the melting water. It will last about 6 hours at 70ºF/20ºC (with a candle inside about 4 hours).
• Place the bottle chilled in the Nice ice cooler.

Helpful Hints
• For more transparent ice, use distilled water.
• To shorten the freezing time, set your freezer dial on the coldest setting.
• If the ice is rough or uneven when removing the mold from the freezer, pour a little hot water over the surface or fill the uneven part with water and place it another hour in the freezer.

ice jacket


Ice Cooler

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